Since the eastern classified the eagle in 1970-1970 season, after never success from the second round of promotion. Though many times in the st. Louis period into the western conference finals, but today they also hit cheap Atlanta Hawks Jeff Teague jerseys a team with a history of a new record. And since 1970, they also never in the conference finals.

Since 2008, the eagle has eight consecutive season into the playoffs, but never break through the second round. After three seasons, they have the first round out of bad luck.

But the eagle with 60 wins this season, in the eastern first, a balanced squad and good still play an important role in chemical reactions in the playoffs, the first round of the nets, they played the overwhelming superiority, 34 points in the final two games and win-win, the semi-final 4-2.

The wizards in the first round of g swept the raptors on the momentum is fierce, the eagle also lost the first home, lost opportunities. But they make a strong rebound, then in the second game won 16 points, and have a G4 on the road.

In the war of the heavenly Kings mountain, the eagle on horford rebound shot dead lucky to win the final 1.9 seconds. Again today on the road, they got lucky goddess cheap Jeff Teague t-shirt of blessing, Pierce at the last moment of the buzzer three points was, "the match can't be he dragged into overtime, and the eagle was breathtaking.

The eagle of the five starting play in robust, in addition to warren, all the other four score in double figures, hit ratio wholesale Jeff Teague jerseys is as high as 53.6%, a total of 78 points, accounting for 82.9% of the team points.

American media feel admire the tenacity of the eagle, the famous basketball expert walcott - herring said: "this is the best eagle, space, and, have the ball, it was enough to let them in the next cheap Jeff Teague jerseys online round of a few action to expose cheap Jeff Teague jerseys china the opponent's defence when knight."

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